Thursday, July 30, 2015


That's how many stairs there are to get to my apartment, which I've had to climb each day for five days with the elevator being out.  If you had told me one day I'd be doing 66 stairs a day for a week, I'd have looked at you like a tiny door opened in your head, and then a little clockwork bird popped out on a spring going "Coo-koo!"

I did sweat profusely, I did take the stairs slowly due to my stroke... but I had no trouble doing four flights.  This is way different from my past.

I no longer sit down and rest on the way to or from work from the subway.  I didn't even notice I'd stopped doing it at first.  After a week I guess I did.

I need to stop going to The Melt.  I have gained weight back.  As much as I hate shopping for clothes, I'd rather keep the weight off.  Maybe the soup place, they have an awesome Greek salad.

Anyway.  Me.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Say cheese

I may have made a big mistake today.

Since a few days have thrown the curve on my Google Fit averages, and my doctor wants me to at least not skip lunch, I've decided to start having something to nibble on around one.

I have lots of choices if I don't feel like packing my own, from sushi to chili to grilled cheese.

I used to hate grilled cheese.  But then one day when Mom offered to make me one, I remembered how dill pickle chips made pulled pork barbecue sandwiches the tastiest things ever, and wondered if they could do the same with grilled cheese.  Turns out they could.  And when I switched from the sickly, pale and translucently green normal dill chips to the robust Vlasic brand, it became a gourmet sandwich.

I learned in Boston how to make my own grilled cheese sandwiches, although I used provolone... not sure what all Dale used besides provolone in the tomato soup, but his sandwiches were good too, although I'm of the camp that prefers the tangy tomato diluted with water rather than cream.... I know this is in the minority, but it's how I grew up.

So when selecting a doctor as my primary care physician, I chose one in the Embarcadero, which is a group of four buildings that's kind of like a shopping center and business complex.  My doctor is very nice and does not judge me on my past, or at least doesn't out loud, and I appreciate that.   I am being moved off of an alpha-blocker and onto a beta-blocker for blood pressure.   Soon I'll see a neurologist, probably get an MRI.  But the Embarcadero is where I found The Melt.

The Melt is one of many grilled-cheese restaurants that build their menu around that simple item.  I'd been meaning since discovering them to come try their Italian special, but when I got there, I saw their "Well Dressed" fries--

Russetts, cheddar, fontina & jack, bacon with crispy onions

What I didn't know was that this tastes exactly like a pub I used to frequent in downtown Lexington, The Holy Grail, and yes I did Monty Python skits for their commercials.  It had great food, but nothing better than their smothered fries, which, apparently, had a couple of cheeses I'm not familiar with.  I'm gonna have to learn about jack and fontina, because these were the best smothered fries I've ever had, and they tasted exactly like The Melt's, only The Melt's Russetts weren't shoestrings.

It's a mistake because I am on the last notch on my last belt.  Was hoping to keep that extra weight off.  This may not happen, now.

What's more to update.  Everybody likes me at work.  I keep getting lascivious offers for company and turning them down.  And I realize now I shoulda got a bigger TV.

Maybe I'll correct that this weekend.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Kelly Sunday-schools you on the Bible

I've always said my little brother is smarter than me (not as handsome, but smarter).  Here are his thoughts on the Bible and gays:

I actually made two posts.  Here was the first one in regards to the quote from Romans...

The words in The Book of Romans are not the words of Jesus. That is Paul speaking. And if you believe Paul, keep in mind that he forbids women to discuss matters of religion. So all you women, please stop sinning up this thread. 

Jesus never spoke out against homosexuality. Guess what? He also didn't speak out against premarital sex, didn't speak out against birth control, but did speak out against public prayer and the death penalty. He also had brown skin and long hair. But that's only if you believe what's in the Bible.

11/17 The Dresden Dolls - The Jeep Song @ Roundhouse