Saturday, August 29, 2015


Instead of watching Tombstone, I am watching the Alex Proyas movie, Knowing.  Nick Cage plays a good drunk, as well as a good alcoholic (there's a difference).

My love seat finally arrived, and it is kind of grounding me.  I just had to order the one color that was new to the line, so it was back-ordered until now because it was so popular.  I guess Oakland doesn't have too many furniture stores, not many choices aside from Salvation Army, if you don't mind lice and bed bugs.

Just having this piece of furniture is making me feel almost normal.  Like I've got my life together finally.  I just went potty and looked at myself in the mirror...  my stress-pimples are disappearing since this morning.  That's kind of extraordinary.   Of course I hope it continues... I'd like to actually go out to a beer bust or something (not that I'd drink much beer because yuck)(unless it's Henry Weinhardt but they don't have that on tap).

Of course, I do not want to get into a relationship.  I'm obviously not good at that.  Or wasn't, I guess, and am scared of trying again and getting burnt.  But a beej isn't outta the question.

Not that that hasn't been repeatedly offered, for some reason.  I just haven't taken anybody up on it.

Tomorrow I have to go to Michael's and get a new vinyl album frame for my FNM vinyl.  I think seeing Dale from afar build his vinyl collection is influencing me to do the same.  I am lucky to live in a city with two Amoeba Records... it will feed any addiction I might have along that route.

Now I think I am going to settle down on the new couch-ish and watch a Godzilla film, after Knowing ends.

Thursday, August 27, 2015


There are things they don't tell you before you move to San Francisco.  Most people, like I did, ask how scary are earthquakes,  and they tell you, "Eh, not so bad."  The one that hit the other morning was 4.0, and I am not kidding when I said it was pants-shitting scary.  I absolutely would have shit the bed if I hadn't dropped heat minutes earlier.

Oh, and the place smells like shit.  This is not a euphemism for anything;  the drought has meant that the sewer system gets no runoff water to lube the pipes, and the crap starts clogging the system and you can smell it walking to work from the subway.  And the poopiest part of the city?  Where I work in the Financial District.  Yay, we're number One... at smelling like number Two.

And then there's the homeless problem, which probably isn't helping matters with the poop smell.

Oh, and it turns out that mentally ill people regularly fling themselves in front of subway trains to commit suicide.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Incredible Shrinking Man - Shake Rattle and Roll

315 pounds.

After the stroke, and getting on crazy pills for depression, and losing pretty much all appetite until I moved back home after being laid off in Dayton, I think I got down to 308.  I'm seven pounds away from my lowest weight in twenty years.

While I of course like this, it does come with irritants... I have to buy new clothes, because all the shorts and pants I have now look like clown pants.  I hate shopping for clothes.  Also, it's pretty easy to feel fat now, because it is easy for my stomach to feel full.  I guess I felt fat before and just ignored it.  After lunch today I felt like my belly was about to bust open.

(I try to eat lunch because my doctor said not to skip lunch if I skip meals.)

And then there was the earthquake.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

As you wish

I have something of more importance to document, but I will say right now that I hate that watching The Princess Bride now makes me sad rather than nostalgic.  I remember seeing it in a theatre in an extinct mall when I had just started driving.  One of the best movies of my youth.

Now it is just a reminder of what I've lost and what I do not trust myself to have ever again.

I should probably stick to Return of the Living Dead and Elvira's first movie when I want nostalgia. 

Friday, August 7, 2015

Uneeda Medical Supply

This week I met Stephen Jenkins from Third Eye Blind, and everybody in X Ambassadors.  They were really nice guys but the lead singer was a bit of a dick sometimes, although he was on the verge of getting sick and it was affecting his voice, which understably would make him grumpy.  The only bathroom was in the front room of the recording studio we were at, where our winners were being corralled, and the drummer took a fifteen minute dump in there.  I assume he was trying to minimize grunting noises.  They were all nice guys in general though, especially considering their recent success with "Renegades."

I also will have walked a total of twenty miles by Saturday, definitely a record for me.  Monday I did five miles, and marveled at my pedometer when I got home as my legs turned simultaneously into both jelly and wood.  The next morning I woke up stiff as fuck, but after a warm shower, I got on my way to the subway and had no problems.

I've mentioned that I was on my last loop on my last belt:  that belt might as well be a Hula Hoop now.  I'm gonna try to get through tomorrow and then go clothes shopping at Walmart Saturday morning.

Whoa!  I just heard thunder.  Apparently there are some storms around.  Maybe I should stop watching ROTLD again and go to bed and watch the clouds.