Monday, May 11, 2015

Never use an electric cattle prod from behind the cow.  Edit for mr smarty pants:  because they will explode a gallon of shit water on you, dumbass.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

I'm going back to school to study chemistry so I can invent a shampoo that doesn't  make it look like I just spunked in my hand.  And then retire on the riches that will follow.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Five cents change

As if to punish me for being optimistic about the new job and new opportunities open to me, fate decided that one of my first promotions would be a Nickelback giveaway.

It may be cliche, but I swear to all that is holy that I had trouble figuring out which guitar riffs I recorded went with which vocals.

Also I got my first paycheck today.  That makes up for it.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Good, bad, ugly

The job keeps seeming to get potentially better and better.  It appears I will be engineering the recordings of our private shows, which is a big thing.  I mean, a chimp could bus the audio to separate recording channels, and it's not like I'd be doing any post-production mixing... but it leads to a yearly engineering credit on an actual album we'll sell.  I mean, damn.

Plus, I'll be actually learning about mixing for music, which is way different than doing comedy skits with pre-produced music.  Kind of scared and excited.

My big debut will be at the Bottlerock festival at the end of the month.

In the meantime, today everything I had forgotten about Protools clicked back today, and I've built my old template again and what I'm putting together sounds awesome.  Still kind of doing things the long way around with Protools, but it sounds like they're buying me the plugins and the mouse I need, so I won't stop them.

The bad, got hit by a foreigner while driving to Safeway.  Still dealing with the insurance companies on that.

The ugly, my neighbors' kids, but our walls seem thick, and I am only bothered by them when doing laundry.  So far.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

much much much

So much I want to talk about right now.  I still cant, for reasons.

I am slowly crawling out from the boxes of my moving life.  But even that needs to wait for later.

I won't be going to get comics again until Saga is out.  This actually could be the death of me and comics.  Who knows, maybe another writer will come along.

Bronze Monkey is judging me right now.

Saturday, April 25, 2015


San Francisco is a pretty cool place to live in, although I live in Oakland now, but it's just two subway stops away.  

I walk a minimum of two miles every day.  At first, when I was lugging my laptop to work as well, I had to stop at benches and rest.  Apparently the amount of weight I've again lost since going back on Zoloft is the same as what my laptop bag weighs, because my back pretty much felt the same.  This week, without the laptop?  I might stop and rest once during the walk to/from work, for twenty seconds or so.

I've steadily been sweating less each day, and finally figured out that I can basically take any East Bay train I want to get home, which is fucking sweet:  no waiting, unless I want to.

I have missed two concerts so far, because I am still exhausted from the accelerated move.  I could have seen Alabama Shakes the night after I arrived, but I was pretty much comatose that day.  I didn't get to see FNM for pretty much the same reason, but since they are from SF, they'll probably add a couple of dates after their tour.

My boss really likes me and I think he's pretty glad he got me.   The first things I wrote for him didn't even get altered, not one bit.  And he's inviting me over for Mint Juleps on Derby Day, which, I don't want to tell him how I hate mint in anything that's not a breath freshener, but hey, he's the boss.  There's only so many times I can get by with drinking beers.

Oh yeah.  The key to not being a drunk if you do it because otherwise you cannot sleep is to walk a lot.  It's 9pm, PST.  If I wanted to go to bed right now, I would be asleep for like five hours.  I might be getting used to the commute, but it doesn't mean my body isn't still complaining, and needing rest.

All of the pro framed pics survived the journey, but I may wait til my brother visits to hang them.  Tomorrow I go to buy a couch and a new, smaller TV.  

Life is pretty fucking good for me right now.  And to think, it wouldn't have happened if my life hadn't gone to shit after the stroke and Dad dying.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Sol Invictus

I actually didn't realize that I hadn't driven my car for three days until the weekend got here and I needed to stock up on oranges and apples.  I forgot bananas.  I am not purposefully trying to eat healthy... believe me, I'll get the lasanga if I go to a restaurant.  It's just, on the anti-depression meds, I just lose my appetite.  I have to set an alarm to remind myself to eat stuff, because while I'm not in danger of wasting away, I have again lost a lot of weight... nearly 30 pounds.

I am glad I chose to not live in San Francisco, but the East Bay area.  It forces me to use the subway, which is great, and I've met my Google Fit goals every day since I started work.  The area of Oakland my apartment is in is actually really safe, and my walk to the subway is short, as is my walk to work from the subway.  

My apartment is tiny and just the right size for me.  Next weekend I'll go get a TV at Best Buy, for now I'll just use the tiny bedroom one.

My boss laughed his ass off at the stuff I wrote yesterday.  I haven't felt that good in a while.

It's probably torrented or streaming, but I'm listening to the new Faith No More right now.  Liking it.  I think I'll get into one of their concerts here... hopefully they'll sing my current fave song from them, and "Be Aggressive."