Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Pluto, gnash

If I had a lot of viewers of this blog, I might lose some of them after this.  Lucky for me that practically nobody even knows this thing exists, even after posting on Facebook begging for attention.  But this post is going to be a bit political.  

We're discussing the subject of America becoming a plutocracy-- (from Wikipedia) defines a society or a system ruled and dominated by the small minority of the wealthiest citizens. 

Seems that's the direction we're headed.  Politicians are mostly bought.   This nation...heck, the entire world, is turning into a plutocracy.  The highest bidder wins.  "Corporations are people too," and all that idiocy.  The one percent, butt-hurting that the Poors are lambasting them.  The race to decry a living minimum wage.  Seriously, the argument that we're giving generously to the poor, enough that they live some life of luxury, is hysterically ridiculous.  I was poor.  I was on welfare.  Nothing motivated me more than that sorry existence to get out of its clutches and live my own life.  

I make a good living now.  I can pay all my bills.  But if being a welfare queen was so awesome, I promise I'd still be there.  I'm fucking lazy, and that's before taking my daily meds.  

I begin this with Warren Ellis' apparent entry into comics, which was DOOM 2099


This, I'm told, is Ellis' foray into the idea that corporations might rule in the future, led of course by Dr. Doom.  Or his son.  Or clone.  This was also Ellis' first work for Marvel, which is kinda why I cautiously bought the collection in the first place, because I knew the earlier works of authors you romanticize can bite your ass.  I think my first exposure to Ellis was HellStrom, and then Druid, both of which ended just as they were building mythologies.  I am struggling with this volume, but still reading.  But I'm interested in seeing where it goes.

Buy this.

They Live was so prescient it almost makes John Carpenter seem psychic.  This is practically what is happening right now in America.  Plutocracy out of control and no way to stop it, seemingly.  Rich keep getting richer, but hey, if you give up your morals you can join them!  As long as you don't mind boning blue inside-out aliens, AMIRITE?  I still pop this in at least once a year.  I had no idea Roddy Piper was so hot til I saw this movie.

(Full disclosure:  Piper was on an episode of Celebrity Ghost Stories recently and has not held up on the hotness scale.  Then again, it's not like I'm posing for centerfolds either.)

Ben Elton was one of the driving forces in the 80s "alternative" comedy scene, with his best known works being The Young Ones and co-writing the Black-Adder series.  He's also, it turns out, a pretty prolific author of imaginative fiction.  This book opens as the Earth is teetering on the brink of total eco-collapse, and how the one percent make plans to save their own asses, rather than curb their lifestyles for the overall good of the planet.  While I liked the book when I first read it, I thought it was hippie nonsense, but now, re-reading it, I'm not so sure of its implausibility.  Climate change deniers abound these days and seem to have the loudest voices in the room.  Meanwhile, more and more freaky weather becomes common, and if I hear one more forecaster mention the goddamn polar vortex I will forcibly shit my pants.

A good friend of mine once took to his Facebook... on a night I'm sure was tinged with some alcohol... and posted this:

If the federal government shuts down on Tuesday because of the incompetency and childish -- insanely childish - actions and behavior of the house - all y'all republicans just need to unfriend me... Those children need their asses whooped XXXXXXXX style - belt - yard stick - whatever - just whooped. No one elected you to go to Washington and blow up the government and stomp around like a spoiled little bitch because you're not getting your way. 1,000's of people will go without paychecks - but the house voted this morning to keep receiving their paychecks - even if they start a government shutdown. Embarrassing and shocking and true. My only hope is that it will be the final nail in their coffin - that maybe will finally be rid of the homophobic - abortion/vagina obsessed - ignorant, narrow minded - party of the stupid. For all my "poor" friends - or those on government assistance - that it's republican because of your love of God and guns - they hate you. I have no idea why you continue to vote for these people that clearly hate you - they play to your fears and exploit your beliefs - and you still vote for them. They. Hate. You. Wake up.

That's pretty much what these books were describing.  And he lost a lot of friends posting that, because when you tell people the truth about themselves, they break the sound barrier with how quickly they bury their heads in the sand while screaming "LALALALAICANTHEARYOUUU..."

So the world is ending, and like everybody else, I'm avoiding the truth by watching the boob tube and reading funnybooks.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Schadenfreude, kinda

Once in a while you come across something online that can't be coincidence, but has to be.

I do not believe I will ever be in another relationship again.  Any future relations will probably be purely sexual.  I say this partly because I've realized the type of person I am attracted to is also not cut from the cloth of relationships, but also because of... ah, I won't go into it.

I was doing my regular pervy surfing, looking at profiles online for people I'll never speak to, when I saw a pic of my ex, with his current beau.  Not Dale, who has seemed to drop off the face of the internet again, but He Who Shall Not Be Named.

(I've always thought that calling Voldemort that was stupid, because by doing so, you ARE naming him.  It's like Louis C.K. ranting about how the "n-word" is worse than the word "nigger."  By saying "the n-word" you make ME think nigger, which makes me the racist by reverse default.  Anyway.)

It was (I suppose still is) a B411 profile, with a picture of the happy couple, X seemingly happy as can be and his partner who seemed to just be a fatter version of me.

I just found it amusing is all.  We couldn't make our short relationship work because of his neurosis about relationships.  We couldn't be friends because of various other reasons.  And now he's dating somebody who pretty much looks exactly like me only 50 pounds heavier than my heaviest.

I wish there was some freaky foreign word that describes how I laughed about this that didn't set off NSA alarms looking for Nazi saboteurs.