Wednesday, September 13, 2017

The current regime

The job is a bit surprising.  I keep learning new ways to make what starts out sounding ordinary to standing out with subtle effects.  I am learning about making music using loop based files, and relied on it heavily for this production I just finished.  I am learning that pauses in the scoring can actually strengthen the action and emotion by highlighting one word, or phrase.  

I am also finding myself referencing other bits of drama when I'm putting together a show.  And it's not just finding sound-alike music I can use... for example, there is a track that is obviously inspired from the Matt Smith-era of Doctor Who.  I thought it was a coincidence at first, but then I saw the track's title was "The Ginger Girl," and didn't use it.  

BUT I did do a show where I slid in lots of Tarrantino references... all of it completely legal to use, we've got the license... and the one I just finished has a John Carpenter-feel to it.  In fact, as I've started using and layering loops for my scores, I'm starting to understand how people like Carpenter and Trent Reznor create their stuff... of course, they really create their stuff, I'm just buying loops and emulating them.  But I also bought Acid (now owned by Magix) and am looking to buying Kontakt, as that seems to be the program all the cool kids are using.

I do, however, miss the old days of imaging, of just being able to sample some cool piece of music I heard in a movie... I doubt those days will ever return.

I actually had a whole post I was going to write about the Trump regime after this brief prelude, but I think I'll get back to the shows.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

That feeling when... are ripping your DVD collection because why not and you find one of your favorite documentaries that you'd last lent to somebody who hung out with your crowd when you didn't want to because you didn't really care for him even if "the crowd" liked him so you lend it and get it back and pack it away until just now when you have to clean it because it looks like he slathered his semen all over the backs of the discs which might not be hyperbole because he was a bit of a slut.

That feeling is EW and it makes me glad for bittorrent.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Delicious schadenfreude

  1. pleasure derived by someone from another person's misfortune.

I really, really don't normally delight in somebody else's bad luck, really I don't.  Unless they have fucked me over for no good reason.

Even Voldemort, and finding that he'd hooked up with somebody in Atlanta who's mental problems went way past my bouts of depression and complex-PTSD... a guy who was seriously mentally ill and could literally not function in society without a dozen medications.  (Honestly they didn't help that much anyway.)  So when his whole life in Georgia collapsed because he was stupid enough to put a mental patient on the deed to his house, I didn't smirk or laugh.  I also didn't feel sorry for him, but that's not schadenfreude.

However, when I got canned in Texas so the new loser boss could hire his drug dealer to do my job, when I heard that toad got canned (as well as his wife, his druggie, all of his staff) I did feel satisfaction.  Ten minutes later, however, my then-current boss called to say he'd hired the toad to be my new boss in the new city I'd moved to.  Ouch.

However, this won't be a repeat of that.  The boss with the most idiotic sideburns (apparently wanting to be a Flash villain or something) was canned last month and is hosting a vlog where he is going to document his journey to find a new job.  It's hosted on a domain he registered for the last time his incompetence got his ass canned.

He registered a domain high-lighting this.  AND KEPT IT REGISTERED TIL HE GOT CANNED AGAIN.

So, yes, I am going to be childish and relish this schadenfreude sandwich.  Was it because he fired me?  Partly.  But it was mostly because he never actually intended to give me a chance.  I'd rather he have been up front with it if that was going to be the case.  I'm a big boy, I've been through the washer before, I just need to know if I need to re-up my lease for the apartment.


I do have a well paying job now.  I will be basically full-time employed, working from home, producing extremely fun podcasts with a growing company.  I CAN DO MY JOB IN MY UNDERWEAR IF I WANT HOW COOL IS THAT.  Speaking of, gotta get back to work.