Friday, June 23, 2017

Job Search

The job search continues.

Since January, I have been producing podcast dramas for a company out of Los Angeles.  This is incredibly fun.  It seems I am good at pacing my music, dialogue, and sound effects, which is something I knew already, but is a quiet different beast when it's a podcast production where the final product is anywhere from one hour to two hours long.  It pays pretty decent, considering it's really just part time and I'm pretty much producing in my skivvies in my brother's house.

They are a growing company.  It is possible that they might eventually hire me full-time, but whether I'd want to live in Los Angeles, much less the west coast again, is not something I've thought of much.

Another job lead would allow me to also work from home, but it's not something I can talk about in a way that I can't even talk about why I can't talk about it.  But it, coupled with my ongoing podcast project, would keep me from having to uproot everything again, and would solve any financial hardships coming my way.

There are other opportunities, but I am loathe to discuss them as I'm sure my stalker still monitors any and everything I do.  I really don't understand that guy.  There's nothing remotely interesting or attractive about me to that degree, nothing that would make anybody in their right mind want to stalk me.  And there we go--that's the answer.  He's not in his right mind.  Luckily, everybody still in Texas is aware of this.

I am of course not superstitious, but it seems to me when as many job opportunities as have arisen in the last month pop up, all at the same time, it usually means one of those is meant for me.  Four possibilities I have applied for would allow me to work from home.  Three would require me to move, again... Texas (ugh no, not because of PityPartySadfaceStalker, but because Houston, ick), Florida (not really my bag but I'd be working with an old boss, which would be cool), and... St. Louis.

So I don't know how to feel about that last one.

But I do have a full-time (if temp) job lined up for a few months starting in a couple of weeks.  It would be tedious, but it would get me straight with my finances.

I should have just learned computer coding.  Seems any idiot with fully functioning fingers can do that (even when they're addicted to meth).  Anyway.

Back to work.