Monday, February 24, 2014

Schadenfreude, kinda

Once in a while you come across something online that can't be coincidence, but has to be.

I do not believe I will ever be in another relationship again.  Any future relations will probably be purely sexual.  I say this partly because I've realized the type of person I am attracted to is also not cut from the cloth of relationships, but also because of... ah, I won't go into it.

I was doing my regular pervy surfing, looking at profiles online for people I'll never speak to, when I saw a pic of my ex, with his current beau.  Not Dale, who has seemed to drop off the face of the internet again, but He Who Shall Not Be Named.

(I've always thought that calling Voldemort that was stupid, because by doing so, you ARE naming him.  It's like Louis C.K. ranting about how the "n-word" is worse than the word "nigger."  By saying "the n-word" you make ME think nigger, which makes me the racist by reverse default.  Anyway.)

It was (I suppose still is) a B411 profile, with a picture of the happy couple, X seemingly happy as can be and his partner who seemed to just be a fatter version of me.

I just found it amusing is all.  We couldn't make our short relationship work because of his neurosis about relationships.  We couldn't be friends because of various other reasons.  And now he's dating somebody who pretty much looks exactly like me only 50 pounds heavier than my heaviest.

I wish there was some freaky foreign word that describes how I laughed about this that didn't set off NSA alarms looking for Nazi saboteurs.

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