Monday, January 26, 2015

You are worth the weight

Ugh.  Everything on me hurts right now.  Well I guess not everything.  Back and legs though.

The place that I'll probably find out if I'm going to next will require me to do walking, a lot.  In fact, if work doesn't assign me a parking spot, I'd probably wind up getting an apartment close-to and selling my car.  With Uber and Lyft and Zipcar, there's not always a reason to own one, in certain circumstances.  

I am so certain that I am this close (forefinger and thumb apart by an inch) to landing this job for so many reasons that I am afraid to mention even one of them.  The thing that could trip me up is my impatience.  I love almost all of my family, but honestly, living at home has been as much a test as it is for, I think, most people.  If I'd done the smart thing when moving last time, i.e. get a one bedroom, 600 sqft apt, I could have stayed in that apartment while looking for work.  Admittedly, it would have sucked balls and I would have been absolutely poor, but I would have remained sane.  

So I don't want to give the impression that I'm charging full steam into this job opportunity... I'm not.  The unexpected can happen, and assets can be frozen, and the well laid plans of mice and men can get thrown into the air like a Monopoly board when your cousin once again gets Park Place.  Not that that's ever happened to me.

But I have been scoping apartments.  None of the ones I've looked at would be available if a job offer is made, but they give me an idea of the area.

But, most of the ones I could reasonably afford and start rebuilding what life I have left mean losing my car, using mass transit, and walking.  Unfortunately, I've gained back just enough weight to hurt my back, legs and feet when I walk for long amounts of time (meaning:  any).  So I've started going to the park to walk the track and see how well I can do, and hopefully lose some of the weight that living at home has piled onto me.

Two miles so far, before retreating to the car for my water bottle and to listen to Coast to Coast AM.  That's far better than I used to do in Wal-Mart, when we'd do all our shopping at once, and I almost felt crippled upon leaving.  But I really want to get it going faster.

Hopefully by this time next month, everything will be in place and I won't have to be secretive about everything.  But now, Downton Abbey, to see how much of a bitch the Dowager is being this week.  ROWR!

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