Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Scared Stiff

In my spare time, while I wait for the cog to turn, I have been playing pinball.

Video pinball, of course.  

This is a pinball game I first encountered in Portland, and haven't seen since.  I was a total addict to it.  I never filled my Stiff-o-Meter completely... once getting to level 9 and just barely missing the last jackpot.  Which I did again, last night.

Well, I've been monitoring stations all night and I guess it's okay to take a break now and try again.  If all goes right in the next few weeks, I won't have time to visit Elvira again for a while... and by the time I do have the time, Arkham Knight will be out, which is just about the only game this year that I know about coming out this year.  Then it's off to Lexington for a doctor's visit and some kinda lunch with my brother.

+++edit 01/22/15 7:20 am+++

Make that three times.  Level nine, and the ball went into the crate, but the timer must have just expired.  Sigh.  I love this game.  It will be my Pac-Man Championship Edition for a while longer.

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