Friday, January 23, 2015

Boom... Scared Stiff achieved

Wow, that was awesome.  I approached level nine of the Stiff-O-Meter and told the XB1 to record, where the DVR will save the previous fifteen seconds and the next fifteen following your command.  After a few more loops I hit two jackpots in a row, filling the Stiff-O-Meter, when Elvira said, "Uh oh," and the video pinball game lost all power.


Of course it was a ruse.  Five seconds later, the machine goes absolutely bugnuts psycho, and four-ball Monster Multi-Ball begins.  EVERY jackpot is lit and it's insane.  I wound up halfway to starting the Stiff-O-Meter back up after multi ended, finishing at 43 million, just 4 mil from first place.

Of course, since they didn't actually put a way to exit out of the game or a save function or autosave, that progress was erased when I fired it up just now.  But damn.  I've beaten a very old addiction, and I have the game footage to prove it.  


Although I'm pretty sure a job offer will follow in two weeks, I noticed a couple of jobs opening up in one of my dream cities, San Diego.  I might as well apply, because I know how things can fall apart at the last minute, but also I need to keep my unemployment benefits running until my new paycheck starts, knock on wood.  They're for the same company, one is a production position and one is a social media position.  Whut?  Okay.

Would really rather have the other job.

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