Monday, March 10, 2014

A Dream of Flying pt. 3

One thing that I hate about trying to be sober, as I fight to do every day, is what goes on in my head when I'm unconscious.  I'm Spider-Man.  That is to say, I'm still me, only with Spidey's powers/abilities and without the silly suit, which really wouldn't do me any favors anyway.

These dreams happen frequently, and I have no idea why.  They usually involve me trying to save family members while villains attack, which makes sense I guess.  I always fail, or, more pointedly, I never succeed before waking up.  

Still, those dreams are preferable to the ones where I am driving up Mt. Vernon and go through the guardrails, only to land, with apparently super-shock absorbers, unharmed.  And yes, that used to be a thing.

The other night I had a dream that involved my current car White Betty, although I was still in DC for some reason, and villains were after my family and I had to save them and also buy comics because I was at the mall that had the comic shop I used to buy from.  HULK TAKE SHIT!

So Miracleman.

The end of the Kid Miracleman/MM initial fight (oops spoilers), and it is just as effective as it was when it was first printed and reprinted.  This includes the after story, where Mike goes off with his wife to some glen to test his powers and find out what all he can do; Evelyn Creme and his sapphire teeth (which I guess is now called a grill?  Grille?), and Project Zarathustra.

Basically this marks the first two thirds of Alan Moore's MM story, before handing the "poisoned chalice" to Neil Gaiman, who will finally get to finish his story.  And then Miracleman can finally join the Marvel U proper and we can dispense of all this Hyperion nonsense.  

Also I'm giving up on Jonathan Hickman's AVENGERS title, so right now the only things keeping me in comics are Miracleman and SAGA.

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