Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Pictures In My Head

I've done a good job, I guess, of avoiding the self-pity train for the past few months, aside for a few exceptions.  Saw something tonight that made me think of this song, which took on a whole new meaning to me sometime early last year.  Listened to it again just now and can't keep it together.  So I'm posting the video, despite wanting to really write about how awesome work has been and wanting to post some really great promos I did for a new morning show we're adding Monday:

Life is never going to really be happy for me again, I think, listening to this.  He was only pictures in your head.

Edit:  I did not realize that anybody in my life or knowing what I've gone through these past few years was reading this.  I mean, my little brother wasn't, why would anybody else?  But somebody pointed out that it's possible I'm not Kermit in this song.  Which I appreciate and agree with, but that means I'm Miss Piggy.  Well.  Okay.

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