Monday, March 16, 2015

Shake zula, the mic rula...

This was the autograph I got from my little brother from Dana Snyder, voice of Master Shake, Granny Cuyler, and countless other animated characters.  (Well actually you can count them, they're on IMDB, but I'm not gonna.)   Also, a private idol of mine, if the gig takes off and I can actually do something to pursue making money in such a field, he will be the one I install an altar to worship at and sacrifice goats to.  

I have just one rule for cons... find ONE thing, and buy that, and get out.  I did, very artsy (and illegal) fan posters for Friday the 13th (for my older brother), Creature From the Black Lagoon (for my younger brother), and Return of the Living Dead (for me OMG IT'S SO AWESOME).  Pics to  come later.  The con vendor room was just as lame as I was expecting... most Lexington comic conventions have been so, but my brother wanted to check out the lower floor, so I told him I'd be out in the car waiting.  And then he brings me this.  Turns out the upper vendors were the cheap seats, the real action was downstairs.  And now I'm very glad I have this rule, because I would have spent my non-existing inheritance on Godzilla dolls.

But of course I had to go meet Master Shake.

 Prom photo, 2015

He was of course awesome to meet and probably the kindest celebrity I've ever met.  He probably doesn't think of himself as a celebrity, but the little eleven year old girl getting a Chowder pic signed certainly thought so.  "Why didn't you tell me," he yelled at his assistant when he learned her age, "I was doing 14+ dialogue this whole time."  He loved talking to the kids, and even big scary guys like me.

This guy, his beard is getting scary.

When I *am* working (and I will be again, quite soon), I rarely ask for a free photo with a celebrity unless I really enjoy them, but paying for an autograph and a photo with Granny?  Fuck yeah I'll do that, and give her a gizzgasm too, while she's wearing her Jesus wig.  This chalky knows them bitches like their Big Sips and all.

Mugging #3... no really Dana, we got it.  You're scared of Bigfoot.

I tried to explain to Mr. Snyder that I wasn't in the car asleep, I was gone because my brother forgot and left my insulin out there... that joke didn't really take.  Ah well.  It's awesome when you make your comedy heroes laugh (I did that off-camera with Aisha Tyler) but I'll take a few snaps with Dana and an autograph and be happy.  Besides, he seemed to have The Ebola and was coughing, who knows why he kept mugging for my camera.

I also mentioned that he kind of inspired me to do character voice-work in my job, when I have one, and as we left my little brother said, "Oh by the way, here's his demo tape."  And HE got the laughter.  Bah!  Little brother is off my Christmas list.

Only other person I really wanted to meet was Robert Hayes, but I passed it up.  He was probably sick of people asking about his drinking problem anyway.  (I was going to ask if he had a headshot from Starman, and Kelly suggested I say "No, not the TV show, the movie..." I do not think that joke would have landed either.)

Pretty awesome time anyway.

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