Thursday, December 25, 2014

The Last Christmas

Okay, I take it back.  Keeping a bottle handy is maybe not a great idea.  Not after tonight's Dr. Who Christmas special.  If I had a chance, or something to mix it with (I guess technically I had Ale-8 but the very thought of violating an Ale-8 with vodka makes me nauseous), I'd probably be drinking right now after that God awful show.

That, and other reasons.  For one, for the first time in months, I got a pimple.

It is a small one but it is still a pimple.  It sits on my eyebrow mocking me.  I will chalk it up to stress and the insane amount of chocolate I've eaten this week.

It's bigger on the inside...

Second, we very nearly got rid of Clara.  This will be very emo and boo-hooey, but it does deal with Ex some.  After breaking up with somebody you care about, you tend to find that things you used to love together now just bring you down or make you feel foolish.  Example:  I can't listen to that Stepdad song anymore, the one Ex told me summed up how he'd felt about me all these years apart, the one that made me cry for six hours as I played it non-stop on the ride home from Missouri.  Because now, now, I have a hard time believing the sentiment behind it was ever real.  I try to watch movies we watched together, but can't; luckily, Attack of the Clones was one of those movies.  But it sucks not to be able to enjoy Monsters Inc. I remember The One showed up on cable one night and it took me about twenty minutes to realize that the reason I knew the movie was because it was the second movie we watched that first weekend.  I saw my copy at Kelly's this weekend, and frowned at it, wondering if I'd still enjoy it at all.  I mean, I liked the plot and all.  But... enh.  /end emo whining

And Doctor Who.  I have video of my first visit to *********, where I filmed Ex before leaving, and asked him about what we'd be doing the next time I visit, and he talks of the premiere of Doctor Who that we'd be watching.

So I had hoped that all my dislike of Peter Capaldi's Doctor was just the sour aftertaste in my mouth after realizing I'd never watch the show again with Ex (I mean, aside from having to turn on the subtitles because of his Scottish accent half the time, that's irritating), but I can watch my favorite Tennant and Smith episodes still, and they're seemingly fine.  Even The Girl Who Waited, you'd think I couldn't stand that one especially, but it still nearly gets me.

No, the reason why I haven't enjoyed Doctor Who is Clara.  

So alone...

I admit her character has "grown" in the past season, by which I mean she has grown more irritating.  Rumor was that she was going to be let go in the Christmas special, but a last minute twist kept her in the story and leaving in the TARDIS with the Doctor.  Fuck!

So, I will keep giving it chances.  It seems I am just full to the rim with giving out chances, for anybody and everybody.  But I do not expect I will ever like Clara.  

For the first time, Nick, I don't "Got Wood."

Also, Nick Frost (Saint Nick Frost, I guess) has never been so unsexy as he was in this special.  Grey does not look well on everybody, just like baldness doesn't always help one's looks.  

Anyway, I am going to go sit and watch 30 Rock now, which I am binging on over the next few days.  See?  I've found something to enjoy, even if it's off the air now.  I'm not totally emo about Ex.  

Not totally.

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