Friday, December 19, 2014

Demon Kitty Rag

While I (and a majority of actual the medical field, from what I read) still maintain that there's a distinct difference between being a drunk and an alcoholic, this article sums up both problems pretty well.  In fact, it described what used to be me to a T until it only mentioned physical addiction, and not psychological.  Six myths about addicts and alcoholics:

  • Myth #1: We’re permanently damaged goods
  • Myth #2: We can’t get better until we hit “rock bottom”
  • Myth #3: We want to live this way
  • Myth #4: We’re lazy and dumb
  • Myth #5: If we had any willpower, we’d just quit taking drugs
  • Myth #6: Punishment is the best way to cure addiction
#2 and 3 are especially stupid things people believe, #5 is the one that hurts the most, still.

If willpower or the love of family could cure addiction, most of us would be healthy and happy. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy.

I just did the math again, and including mid-December 2013 to now, I've spent a total of nine months pretty much sober, aside from being contacted by the Ex, which makes me sad.  Still, I'm a better person sober, and without somebody who enables such behavior when it's convenient to their lifestyle.

To raise my spirits, here is my current song.  Katzenjammer's Demon Kitty Rag.

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