Saturday, June 20, 2015

Inside Out

Things I did today that I could cross off my bucket list, if I had one:

  1. Found a great place to have lunch in the city on the weekends, and maybe once in a while do shopping, and see movies, right off the Powell St. subway stop.
  2. Bought a new love seat, realized how much I hate that term.
  3. Pre-ordered Arkham Knight.
  4. Saw a passed out homeless person shit his pants on the sidewalk.
  5. Had a carrot-fart from eating too many carrots last night.
  6. Went on a movie date with a local game programmer who is a millionaire... watched the new Pixar movie next to this beefy stud worth a few million who thinks I am hot.
  7. Bought an Amazon Fire because my old tablet is dead.
  8. Was solicited for sex by a stranger in a mall bathroom.

And now I'm finishing laundry.  Tomorrow:  Target and Michael's.  Now, fruit bowl.

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