Thursday, April 30, 2015

Good, bad, ugly

The job keeps seeming to get potentially better and better.  It appears I will be engineering the recordings of our private shows, which is a big thing.  I mean, a chimp could bus the audio to separate recording channels, and it's not like I'd be doing any post-production mixing... but it leads to a yearly engineering credit on an actual album we'll sell.  I mean, damn.

Plus, I'll be actually learning about mixing for music, which is way different than doing comedy skits with pre-produced music.  Kind of scared and excited.

My big debut will be at the Bottlerock festival at the end of the month.

In the meantime, today everything I had forgotten about Protools clicked back today, and I've built my old template again and what I'm putting together sounds awesome.  Still kind of doing things the long way around with Protools, but it sounds like they're buying me the plugins and the mouse I need, so I won't stop them.

The bad, got hit by a foreigner while driving to Safeway.  Still dealing with the insurance companies on that.

The ugly, my neighbors' kids, but our walls seem thick, and I am only bothered by them when doing laundry.  So far.

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