Wednesday, February 25, 2015


i'm so tired of waiting and snow i'm not even going to punctuate this correctly.  normally when I see others doing the same thing i think about how lazy or dumb they must be, usually both, and i laugh a little inside at them.  now i'm feeling the same about myself, lazy and dumb.

today, when today gets here, i'll be going to lexington and having dinner with an old work mate and tell them whats going on.  mainly because i want to make them shit their pants.  the thing is, with kentucky winning in the ncaa, they want me to freelance and they think because i'm unemployed right now that i'll trip over myself to do it for them.  well no because first, unemployment is paying me more than they would, and also fuck them that's why.  you can pay a guy in LA what you were paying me to slap music under a VO and that's what you wanted?  could have told me that from the start, i could have done my job remotely, every argument you made about me needing to be in studio was your narcissism and ego and need to strut about the place like the cock of the walk.  go swim so more in your tiny pond, big fish.  you got your money's worth.  also i fucked a guy in my studio one night, right where i'd keep the krispy kremes you loved munching on, so think on that.

hard to believe that it's still going to be a month before anything happens.  at least the snow is letting up.  i guess this weekend is some big bear event in lexington, i guess i'll go to it.  maybe that bootblack guy will be there.  if I hadn't been dating Ex at the time i might have hooked up with him that one night.  my bad, i won't be such a prude this time.

wish i had boots for him to polish, i think he gets off on that.  oh well.

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