Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Meaning of Life

Well, that escalated quickly.

Look at the comments on anywhere this video is being posted, and you'll see why I don't believe in a god.  For a people who claim to be following a loving god, and practicing a religion based on love and requiring you leave the ultimate judgment up to their creator, Christians are surprisingly quick to toss you in the pits of hell to burn for all eternity, despite "hell" not really existing in the bible.

I get the idea that, given a chance, some Christians would gladly burn you alive themselves, as Jephthah did to his daughter for the terrible sin of being the first person to greet him after defeating the Ammonites.  Really, Dad?  That's some tough love.  And it's not something I want to be party to.

This seems to sum up how I feel about organized religion.

I have a desire to write about a dream I had, involving Ex... several dreams, in fact.  In the past few days, as I've gotten closer to my trip, they've been escalating, in both volume and emotional intensity.  It is early morning, however, and I am still looking at apartments and figuring where to visit on my trip.  I can focus on the other stuff later.

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