Sunday, February 1, 2015


Well, it looks like I know one place I have to visit during my trip, one that I was going to avoid because if I get the job, it'll be tight for the first year as I get used to my surroundings, and that's... I have to visit a comic book shop.  Saga returns on Wednesday.

It is kind of a convenient excuse, but I do have to get Saga on release day, and I'm supposed to be scoping the sights anyway, so I might as well.  Honestly though, other than Saga and maybe more Tales of the Beanworld, there aren't a lot of new comics coming out that I care about.

Both DC and Marvel are rebooting everything, and frankly it sucks the life and enthusiasm out of me to just think about following that shit.  Disrespectful for fans, too.  "Hey thanks for investing a good portion of your life and money in our product, EVERYTHING YOU LOVED IS GONE."  Well fuck you too, guys.

I've given most of my old comics to my little cousin, and he thinks I'm the shit now.  I haven't the heart to tell him I'm not all that.  I think there'll be one more box to give him if I get the job... after this if I'm curious about any new comics, I'll just get them from the torrents.

Except for Saga and TOTB of course.  Have to get those on release day.

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