Sunday, January 4, 2015

Heard in Armitage III just now: "..the terrorist puppet bombings..."

Maybe they were thinking of Team America, World Police?  Fuck yeah!

Another line:

"It's a pretty place, if you ignore the smell from all the bombs!"

Geez, watching this/posting these lines will probably get me a visit from Homeland Security.

Armitage III, the movie (not the show, which these lines come from) was my first anime, if you don't count things like Battle of the Planets and Robotech/Macross, which were sporadic at best because getting a clear signal from Cinci stations was sporadic as well.  Shortly after buying this, I bought both Ghost in the Shell and Akira, and I thought anime might be my next new "thing."  

It was not.

That really surprised me, because I thought I was really into Japanese culture, but I wasn't.  My first real exposure, after collecting the Marvel reprints of Akira, was buying these DVDs in Portland.  The other stuff I bought just didn't do anything for me.  I can't even remember their names, to be honest, as this was before Dragonball Z was readily available everywhere.  Dragonball Z did not help matters, to be honest.  If I wanna watch two guys screaming continuously at each other in the desert with nothing really happening, I'll watch Breaking Bad.

(Confession:  I did not watch BB.  I wanted to, but never did.  Also, did not watch True Detective and also Lost's finale sucked and Battlestar Galactica's was awesome, if you don't agree you are a dummyhole.  And I've never made it through Game of Thrones or True Blood.)

In Portland, 1998, I learned much about the Japanese culture for two reasons.  First, my cousin was stationed in Japan at the time.  When we'd talk on the phone (remember that?  when people talked on the phone?  with voices?) he told me of all the weird customs he had to get used to, and while talking to him I'd put the Asian channel on the TV.  I don't know what it was called, but it might have been the Iron Chef Network, considering they only showed undubbed versions of that show on it the entire time I was there.  

Second, Portland, being one of the major International airports that the East flies to when traveling to Amurika FukYea, has a large Asian community, and Asians apparently love Quentin Tarantino, which I discovered after leaving a showing of Jackie Brown and seeing about 60% of the audience leaving chattering in Japanese/Chinese/Korean about the movie (I presume).  

I was going somewhere with this, but am dog tired and want to watch some Attack On Titan before I go to bed.

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